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HoneyHive - Silla de ruedas ajustable para perros, silla de ruedas plegable para perros para patas traseras, ayuda a las mascotas pequeñas con extremidades traseras paralizadas a recuperar su movilidad, dos colores, tamaño 5 (S blanco)

HobeyHove Adjustable Dog Wheelchair,Fordable Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs,Assist Small Pets with Paralyzed Hind Limbs to Recover Their Mobility Two Colour 5-Size (S White)

Marca: HobeyHove
Color: blanco
Talla: Small
-[Heart-warming design]: Pets will be troubled by inconvenient movement in life.Long-term inability to exercise will affect the health of the pet and reduce his confidence. Our PET WHEELCHAIR is designed to help pets with INJURED OR DISABLED HIND LEGS to walk, run and play freely, help them return to normal life.
Características of the product]: The height, width and length of this PET WHEELCHAIR can be adjusted, and it can adapt to your pet within a certain range. The whole product is easy to assemble, you can install it yourself, and the foldable design is more convenient to carry. The buckle design can hang the tow rope on the buckle to avoid losing pets, which is very convenient
-[Materials and characteristics used]: Lightweight and comfortable. The DOG WHEELCHAIR has a durable, lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is resistant to wear, dirt, rust, and durable. The harness material is soft and comfortable, breathable. Easy to clean.
-[Note]: Two-wheel FOLDING WHEELCHAIRS are only suitable for pets with disabled hind legs but normal front legs. If your dog is seriously injured, we recommend that you go to the veterinary hospital for help as soon as possible. Wish your DOG HEALTHY.
-[Friendly Tips]: Please measure your dog before buying. Pets are one of our family members. If they are disability, please don't give up. A WHEELCHAIR may give them a second life. I wish your pet a speedy recovery!

Every pet is the owner's beloved baby, but what if your pet suffers from a physical disability due to illness or an accident that affects normal life? We can customize a suitable wheelchair for pets, and help dogs stand up again and start a new life!Size: XXXS, back height: 4" -7.9" (10-20 cm) buttocks width: ?4.7" (12 cm) length: 6.3" -10.2" (16-26 cm)Size: XXS, back height: 6 "-9" (15-23 cm) buttocks width: ?5.9" (15 cm) length: 7.1" -11.8" (18-30 cm)Size: XS, back height: 9" -14.8" (23-35 cm), buttocks width: ?6.7" (17 cm), length: 9" -15.7" (23-40 cm)Size: S, back height: 14.8" -17.3" (33-44 cm), buttocks width: ?9" (23 cm), length: 11.8" -19.7" (30-50 cm)NOTE:1. Before buying, please make sure not to mind the 1-3 cm error caused by manual measurement2. Please operate the pet manually and check the size details to choose a wheelchair suit suitable for your pet3. Wheels wheelchairs can help disabled pets walk, but not for pets with waist injuries. Certain pets (such as rabbits or weak dogs) may not be suitable for this wheelchair!4. Note: Please measure the size of the pet according to the displayed picture! Choose the right size wheelchair for your pet! ! This dog wheelchair only provides mobility assistance for dogs with inconvenient hind legs, and has no therapeutic effect. If the dog is in a critical condition, it is not recommended to buy this type of wheelchair.Included content:1 x pet wheelchair1x user manual. B08NYK1JSN

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