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NOMBRE EN INGLES: GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

NOMBRE EN ESPAÑOL: GoPro HERO3: Black Edition.

* Modos de disparo versátiles para profesionales
* Más detalles en áreas con mucha iluminación
* Wi-Fi integrado en
* Más ligero y más pequeño
* Reducción de nebulización en la carcasa .

Style: *Black Edition*
Product description
Supports 4K, 2.7K, 1440p & 1080p Video Capture 12, 7 or 5-Megapixel Photos 12-Megapixel Low-Light Image Sensor Wide Angle 6-Element Aspherical Lens Camera Housing Waterproof to 197 (60 m) Built-In Wi-Fi & GoPro App Ready MicroSD Card Slot & Micro HDMI Output Wi-Fi Remote & Basic Mounts Included Wi-Fi Remote Has 600 Transmission Range Control Up to 50 Cameras at a Time
From the Manufacturer
*The Camera That Started a Movement*
Born from a passion to capture your adventures from your perspective, the completely redesigned HERO3: Editions line of cameras are the most advanced GoPro cameras, ever.
Versatility Unprecedented Durability
Shockproof and waterproof to 197 (60m), and proven in heavy surf from Tahiti to Northern California and everywhere in between, GoPro cameras can handle it thanks their highly engineered polycarbonate exoskeletal housing. Ready for actionfrom scuba diving to dirt track racing, and tough enough to take a spin across the asphalt or launch into space, GoPros are built to take a beating and keep filming. Replacement lens kits and housings are available, so theres little worry while going for gloryeven while diving with sharks.
Wear it. Mount it. Love it.
GoPro mounts enable you to capture a fully immersive experience of your most exciting moments while ensuring your camera is securely attached and with you for the ride. Helmets, poles, boards, vehiclesand even yourselfwhatever youre into, theres a GoPro camera mount that will help you get the perfect angle and POV for your most epic adventures. The HERO3 comes with a few basic mounts to get you started.
HERO3: The Most Advanced GoPro, Ever. Camera Features Smaller, Lighter...Better
Weighing in at a scant 2.6 ounces, the HERO3: Black Edition is 25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models.
2X Faster Video Performance
The HERO3: Black Edition captures professional, cinema-quality video at 2X the resolution and 2X the frame-rate of previous models while delivering 2X better low light performance. Slow-motion aficionados and industry professionals will love the HERO3: Black Editions 1080p-60, 720p-120, WVGA-240, 960p-100 and 1440p-48 video modes while those desiring a cinematic look will appreciate the ultra-high resolution 2.7KP-30 fps and 4KP-15 fps (Protune only) video modes.
3X Faster Photo Performance
The HERO3: Black Editions photo performance is 3X improved, now boasting 12MP burst capture at a staggering 30 frames per second with 2X better low light performance compared to previous models. Still Photo and Time-lapse Photo modes remain the same but are now joined by a new Continuous Photo mode that captures continuous 12MP stills at a steady 3, 5, or 10 photo-per-second rate, up to 30 photos at a time.
Improved Sharpness, Less Distortion
The HERO3s reduced-distortion, 6-element aspherical lens combines with user-selectable Ultra-wide, Medium and Narrow field-of-views to deliver more perspective-capture options than ever before. Add the totally updated flat-lens waterproof housing that delivers stunning image sharpness both above and below water and youve got one of the most powerful and durable image capture solutions on the planet.
Redesigned Audio System
Understanding that sound quality is as important as image quality, GoPro engineers completely redesigned the HERO3 to be as adept at capturing the subtle, natural sounds of voice and music as it is at capturing the immersive sounds of sport. Also improved is GoPros already famous wind-noise reduction, ensuring that youll hear more of your passion, be it your engine or expletives, and less of the wind during high speed activities.
Built-in Wi-Fi
Built-in Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Remote Included)The HERO3 Black Edition features built-in Wi-Fi and includes GoPros Wi-Fi Remote accessory. The Wi-Fi Remote is normally available as a $79.99 accessory but is included with the HERO3: Black Edition. The Wi-Fi Remote is waterproof, wearable and can control up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled GoPros at a time from a range of 600. The HERO3s built in Wi-Fi means it can also be controlled by iOS smartphones and tablets running the GoPro App.
ProtunePowerful Control for Professionals
A new video mode that unlocks the cameras full potential, Protune yields stunning image quality and cinema-caliber video for professional productions. Available on the Silver and Black Editions.
35Mbps Data Rate: Provides an improved, less compressed image. Neutral Color Profile: Allows for greater latitude through the color correction process. Log Curve Encoding: Provides more detail in shadows and highlights. Reduced Sharpening and Noise Reduction: Improves flexibility in professional workflows. 24fps Frame Rates: Easily intercut GoPro content with other sources without fps conversion. Connect. View. Control. The GoPro App
The GoPro App lets you control your GoPro camera remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Features include full control of all camera settings, live video preview to your smartphone or tablet for easy shot framing and moreAvailable for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Software Updates
Get new feature updates, product enhancements and more for your HERO3 through camera software updates. Available at gopro/support.
Whats Included *only with HERO3 Black Edition Surf HERO3 Camera Comparision White Edition
Silver Edition
Black Edition *VIDEO* 1080p30/ 960p30/ 720p60 fps 1080p30/ 960p30/ 720p60 fps 4Kp fps, 2.7 kp 30 fps, 1440p48/ 1080p60/ 720p120 fps *PHOTO* 5MP / 3 fps Burst 11MP/ 10 fps Burst 12MP/ 30 fps Burst *WI-FI* Built-in Built-in Built-in *WI-FI REMOTE* Compatible (sold seperately) Compatible (sold seperately) Included *GOPRO APP* Compatible Compatible Compatible *PRO LOW-LIGHT* Pro Low-Light High Performance Battery & Charging 1050mnAh rechargeable lithium-ion Charge via USB HERO3:
Black Edition HERO3:
Black Edition with LCD Touch BacPac HERO3:
Black Edition using with Wi-Fi Remote HERO3:
Black Edition using GoPro App RES/FPS Estimated Time Estimated Time Estimated Time Estimated Time 720/60 1:25 1:10 1:20 1:10 1080/30 1:30 1:15 1:25 1:15 1080/60 1:15 1:00 1:05 1:00 1440/48 1:25 1:05 1:15 n/a 4k/15 1:30 1:10 1:20 n/a 2.7k/30 1:20 1:05 1:10 n/a Notes Extreme cold temperatures may decrease battery life. For use in these conditions it is suggested to keep camera in a warm place prior to use. To maximize HERO3 battery life when shooting longer duration activities, its is best to use camera with LCD Touch BacPac turned off or unattached altogether. Turning off Wi-Fi will also help conserve power. Using protune mode will increase power consumption. May vary per mode and camera edition. HERO3 Premium Accessories + Mounts Recommened Accessories LCD Touch BacPac
The LCD Touch BacPac is a removable LCD touch screen for GoPro cameras. As a removable accessory, the LCD BacPac keeps your camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen when attached.
Battery BacPac
The Battery BacPac attaches to your GoPro camera to double battery life. Perfect for long duration time-lapse photo sessions, endurance motorsports racing or any application where you need up to 2X the battery life.
GoPro mounts enable you to capture a fully immersive experience of your most exciting moments.
Available Mounts The Frame Handlebar Seatpost Mount Helmet Front Mount Tripod Mount Suction Cup Roll Bar Mount Vented Helmet Strap Mount NVG Mount Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts Surfboard Mount Head Strap Mount Grab Bag of Mounts


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Gopro Hero3: Black Edition.

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