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  • Personaje Rainbow Dash




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TITULO ORIGINAL: Aloka My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Starlight Luz LED con mando a distancia, multicolor cambiando, 8 inch

DESCRIPCION CORTA: Un versátil luz que funciona como una luz de noche divertido para niños, los bebés y niños pequeños.

Carácter luces que cambian opciones de colores, 12 colores como rojo, azul, morado, amarillo, y muchos más.

Operado por un mando a distancia, de luz LED con relajante color Rainbow característica

Alimentación por pilas AA, o enchufe con cable USB incluido.

Intensidad de luz a una luz de noche

DESCRIPCION LARGA(contáctenos para traducir): What's more fun than a magical rainbow Dash Starlight? Aloka Starlights are unique and cute, yet functional decorative lights that will brighten up any room with their colorful LED lights and fun designs. Now available in My little pony character designs! Our My little pony Starlights are perfect for every pony fan. The lights are available in 4 popular characters - rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, flutters, and Twilight sparkle. The crystal clear light features a My little pony that comes to life in brilliant color when you turn it on. Use the remote to choose your favorite color from 12 beautiful LED settings, or set your Starlight to a glowing rainbow to gently cycle through all the colors! Aloka Starlights are an ideal accessory for bedtime rituals. The low heat LEDs can be set for maximum brightness as a side lamp for story time, them dimmed when it's time for sleep. The calming light helps your child to feel safe in their space, allowing both parent and child to have a peaceful night's sleep. Let rainbow Dash be your nighttime pal with sleep and timer functions for a good night’s rest. Our sleep button automatically lowers brightness to levels that are perfect for sleeping, and the timer sets your Starlight to turn off after 1 hour to conserve energy. aloka Starlights make great travel companions; with the included 3AA batteries and USB cable, you can take them along anywhere. Our lights have been designed to help children (and their parents) get a better night's sleep, and our decorative designs help brighten your kid's room. Aloka stands behind their products, offering service in the USA. Starlights are safe for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. Collect all four My little pony styles!Más información del productoAloka StarLights by Lumenico

Four Power Modes

‘Sleep’ mode button lowers luminance to 2% brightness which is perfect for sleeping. ‘Hour’ timer turns the night light off after 60 minutes to ease your children into a peaceful night sleep. The ‘Side Lamp’ soft light will ease young eyes while allowing your child to finish some bedtime reading or add last minute details to a homework assignment. The ‘Rainbow’ mode can be set by simply pressing a button. The nightlight will begin a beautiful soothing transition of all colors the lamp offers.

Calming Color Changing Light Top

Kids love the easy to use the remote control. Choose from 12 beautiful LED colors with the touch of a button and put the power in their hands. The calming rainbow function can also be dimmed down by pressing the button multiple times - perfect for day sleeps. Aloka offers the largest range of nightlight designs in the world.

Perfect For Home Decoration

Light passes through screen printed acrylic panel to display fun designs. Great for use in the play room, man cave, friendly office, kids room décor. This night light is perfect for tiny fingers and generates no heat conductivity. The safe low voltage (5 volt) LED lights will not heat up even after long working times and is designed to stay on all night.

Fun Character Designs

Battery Or Wall Powered

Child Friendly Controls

Energy Efficient

Recommended By Sleep Specialists

These Fun and Familiar Characters Will Help Encourage Healthy Sleep!

An easy to use provided remote control allows the user to choose between color modes, and switch between other features. Features 5 levels of dimming to offer ultimate control of light output.

The light is designed to stay on all night. This durable shatterproof acrylic lamp will have a long life because of the LED lights it uses to illuminate with.

The detachable sturdy base features additional controls for those times where the remote is nowhere to be found. Pick and choose between interchangeable tops to give your room a new look.

Not to worry if a trip to the bathroom is on the agenda because this light is battery operated and portable. Simply carry this lamp into whatever room needs a bit more light.

The long life, low power LEDs will last 25 times longer than standard light bulbs. Costs less than 30 cents a year to operate. Based on 12 hours of usage per day and 0.11¢/kWh.

The light comes with 3x AA batteries, included for convenience and portability. To save battery life simply plug the included micro USB cable into any USB power source or computer port.

Red, pink, and orange lights are the only colors proven to not have a negative effect on melatonin production (the sleepy hormone) or interfere with sleep quality. Our Aloka SleepyLights offer all three!

Designed to stay on all night, our lights will help reassure your child and provide relief from fear of the dark. Using familiar characters our bed side night lights encourage a healthy night’s rest for your little ones.

You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. The also allows you to navigate their room during night time feeds and lite night diaper changes without switching on an obtrusive light source.

Emits just the right amount of illumination.

Rainbow mode’s color therapy makes the bedtime routine fun. Great for parents and kids.

Freedom To Move Around

No more stumbling around in the dark. Nighttime navigation to the bathroom or kitchen has never been easier. Battery operated and easy to move between rooms.

Designed For Better Sleep

Side lamp provides extra light when you need it. Enjoy even, non-flickering light for stress-free work and relaxation. Kids sleep better, and so do parents.

Take Your Light Anywhere

Ultra portable and lightweight. Use anywhere you need a guiding light. Perfect for traveling because of the long battery life and USB port.

Comfort All Night

Ideal low-light lighting sleep mode provides a comforting level of luminance all night for sleeping. Great for night time feeding because you won’t need to turn on extra bright lights.

Sleep Better, Live Better.

The Aloka SleepyLight Series feature many different images and licensed cartoon friends your children will know and recognize. Sleepy Lights can be sold under a range of categories – nursery, toys, gifts, bedding, and lighting.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We want you to be happy with our products and service, we want you to be confident in the items you’re buying from us.

Our aim is to ensure that parents can rest easy knowing their child’s night light is safe and will never pose any danger to them while they are sleeping.

All Aloka lights have received ASTM, CPSIA, and EN71 certifications tested by STC (Dongguan) Company Limited (, License number: DP18010114, results published 05/25/2018.



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Aloka My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Starlight Luz Led + Contro

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