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Piano semi restaurado perteneciente a la epoca en que Kimball fue dueña de Bosendorfer, por lo tanto es una imitación norteamericana del Bosendorfer 200 (como se ve en el video). El piano fue repintado externamente y la maquinaria reemplazada por una maquina alemana, cuenta con 3 pedales y ha sido tocado ampliamente por lo que posee un sonido "calido y cantabile", debido a su construcción mantiene la afinación por periodos de un año, inclusive un poco mas y ha sido calificado como un piano extremadamente durable por muchos pianistas y luthiers. El piano fue construido aproximadamente en 1977, tiene 1.80cm de largo convirtiendolo en un media cola bastante grande (los 3/4 comienzan desde los 1.90 dependiendo la marca) por lo que se clasifica como un "parlor grand". El piano se entrega con factura de compra de un conocido luthier de Bogotá, un año de garantia por maquinaria, una afinación y transporte gratis a un primer piso dentro del área de Bogotá(mas allá se tendria que negociar el excedente con los transportistas). No recibo cambios, ni cheques ni pago por cuotas. Cualquier inquitud la resolveré con mucho gusto.

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  • Thanks for letting me know. That’s helpful.

  • I’ll get in touch with you sometime next week but I probably won’t be able to arrange to come and see the piano until sometime the following week- the week of February 4th. I hope that’s ok. I don’t want to hold you up if you have another buyer so, if you do, ljust let me know and, if necessary I’ll make other arrangements to come sooner. But, if there’s no immediate urgency, it would be easier for me to come more leisurely by having more planning time and coming sometime the week of the 4th. Thanks again. David Chase.


    That's perfectly ok for me David, so far I have come only to another client but the person seems to be willing to take a look of the piano around March so there is no rush for now. Best regards. David Tovar.

  • Just wanted to,let you know I?m still interested in the piano but I?ll have to get in touch with you sometime next week to work out a time to come check out the piano. Thank you


    Hi there, I'm glad to hear that. Next week should be fine, please ask me here and I shall make the publication available for the visit. Best regards

  • Another quick question. Is the piano you?re selling the same one that is played in the video? I presume yes but would be curious to know for sure. Thank you.


    Sure, the piano is mine and I have the ownership papers from the piano reseller who sold it to me, the one been played in the video is almost the same but a bit larger (semi concert Grand) I think Robert Strian was selling it for $20000 in the US.

  • That’s great. Thank you. One other quick question. Is the price 50,000,000 COP which is ~ $16,500.00 USD or, what it appears to be selling for now, simply $5000.00 USD. It’s obviously a big difference which, I guess, is simply a correction from the original higher price or talking about two different pianos. The price seems to depend on where I look on the site but It does seem to be the same piano (because exact same description) no matter how I find the advertisement. Can you clarify? I didn’t mind the price going down that much. Certainly better than the other way around.


    Hi David, I'm sorry for the confusion. Obviously the price is still $50.000.000 cop, I took it down to $5000 cop like 1.5 dollars in order to meet you in person, otherwise this platform won't allow us to meet and of course I wouldn't be able to do any discounts. It's a shame that this platform doesn't allow this kind of sales to be made in a different way, after all it is like buying a car, toy can't just buy it without checking it out! So just to be clear it's the same piano and the price hasn't change, it's just a way to meet you in person and show you the piano. Best regards

  • Yes, of course. I would obviously need to see it and try it out. I can do that whenever is convenient for you as I am currently staying in Bogota. I’m glad the price is negotiable as, although it looks like a great piano and has the specifications I would like, I wasn’t looking to spend quite that much- More like 42,000,000-45,000,000 but the pianos I’ve seen for less don’t seem to compare to this Bosendorf. We can save that when we reach that point. I also needed to point out, as mentioned above quickly, because I don’t want to mislead you with even discussing price without telling you that should I buy it I would to need to pay with a dollar bank wire transfer from a bank in the USA and that, although it would be in one complete payment, it can only be made on January 25, 2019 at the earliest. If that’s okay then I would love to arrange a time with you to,come and look at the piano. Thank you. David Chase


    Hi David, it's ok for me if you need to wait until the 25th or even more to get the money since I'm not really in a rush, right now the piano is not exactly in Bogotá, but it's very close (Chía city, 15m from the north entrance of Bogotá) so I hope you can come and take a look. In order to do so you can click on purchase since I have changed the publication to a 'pre sale', that way you'll get my info so we can get in touch. Regards, David Tovar.

  • Even if installments were acceptable, I would probably want to make one payment upfront. It would be done via a bank wire transfer from a dollar account in the States- obviously, therefore, the amount depending on the current exchange rate. The price is good but more than I was hoping to pay for a used piano even though it appears to be particularly a good one based on the photo and it’s features. I would, however, like to try it out, of course, first before getting into that. It’s fair enough to know that the price is negotiable going in. I am in Bogota myself and could come by whenever is good for you. I need to tell you that should we come to an agreement and I buy the piano I won’t be able to send the funds until January 25, 2019 at the earliest as that’s when I’ll have adequate liquid funds to cover it. But I will be able to make one payment then. I know the approximate amount in dollars myself so don’t be concerned about any confusion there. Thank you


    I'm glad you're interested, as I said before I think it's better than you come and take a look at the piano, also so we can make further discussions about the details. I have made the publication very cheap in order for you to be able to reach me out. Best regards

  • Do you accept payment through a bank wire transfer especially if it is paid in full up front? There is some confusion because the advertisement quotes an installment amount. Can it be paid in installments? Also, the advertisement says the seller doesn?t accept any changes. Does he mean nothing is negotiable or did he mean he doesn?t accept credit card ?charges?? Such is the power of a potential typo.


    Hi there. Well I'm looking for a full payment upfront actually, some of the policies here listed are not mine but the webpage's. The price is slightly negotiable, which we could discuss in person, after all I consider a matter of vital importance for you too take a look at the instrument since a piano isn't something you purchase without playing it, if you agree I'll think a way for us too meet. Best regards

  • Te doy a cambio un derecho fiduciario del hotel four point by sheraton rentando.


    Bien día muchas gracias por la oferta pero solo contempló permutas por otros pianos. Cordial saludo

  • buen dia amigo.. le tengo una obra de rodriguez exclusiva expuesta una sola vez al publico


    Buen día, y quieres que la intérprete?


Piano De Cola Kimball - Bosendorfer 1/2

$ 50.000.000

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