Grabador Digital Zoom H2n
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The Zoom Handy H2n is an SD card-based recorder that supports both two-channel and four-channel recording. In the two-channel stereo mode, a recording can be made via the built-in mic or an external source such as a CD player. In its four-channel mode, the microphone picks up sound from both front- and rear-panel directions, which can then be mixed into a two-channel signal or serve as surround sound source material. The handheld recorder also comes with a metronome function, making it easy to keep everyone playing according to the same beat. Additional features include a tuner, mic pattern indicators, and the ability to easily transfer files between the H2 and a computer. This product also includes many other capabilities that make it an ideal product for all of your recording needs. Its remote jack allows you to attach the remote. This gives you the control to pause, stop, and start your recordings. It will even let you add marks at important spots if needed. It also has a data recovery feature that will prevent any recording from being permanently lost. You can also set a recording to be automatic so that if audio begins suddenly, you won't miss anything. Additionally, it includes a built-in compressor that limits the maximum audio level in order to reduce distortion. The device's included repeat function is also great for practicing speeches and studying. The H2n also has a mode that allows you to adjust the width of your stereo field and lets you set the perfect amount of surrounding noise. You can even adjust the playback speed to your liking. The Zoom H2n is portable and lightweight at a mere 132 grams, and its measurements are 6.8 by 4.3 by 11.4 centimeters. The recorder’s compact design allows it to go virtually anywhere with you. It's perfect for broadcast and film applications, journalism, and podcasting. Due to the fact that it has a metronome function, it's also great for rehearsals and live musical performances. The five high-quality mic capsules of the H2n enable it to record with four different mic patterns. You can simply change the dial on the top to different stereo and surround options. The Zoom H2n records to compatible flash memory cards. It even supports 360-degree recordings. It has a large capacity, but sometimes you still may want a little more. If you need more data space on your memory card, the Zoom lets you record uncompressed WAV or compressed MP3 files. You can even review your recordings with the integrated reference speaker. The Zoom H2n’s large, 1.8-inch backlit 128 by 64 LCD display screen allows you to easily navigate through its many system menus and functions. It offers over 20 hours of continuous operation on one set of batteries, and it can also be operated with the use of a USB bus power or AC adapter. The H2n Zoom Handy recorder has state-of-the-art features that allow you to handle it all while offering a frustration-free and convenient way to do it.

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Grabador Digital Zoom H2n

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